The Stone Visions by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyOn first reading “The Stone Visions,” I found myself mesmerized not only by the eloquence of the writing, but by the depths of truth plumbed and explored in this remarkable piece of work. I have read no other like it, and like all of Richard's Doiron’s work, it speaks for itself without fanfare or pretension, and with complete humility and honesty.

On this visionary journey, Richard Doiron explores the human spirit, heart, and soul. He speaks of the need for pain and the need for a healthy and healed heart in order to love; he writes of friendship and the absolute love therein implied. He writes with wisdom on the topic of wisdom, an attribute that is ever so illusive when actively sought, and on the future as its own reality.

As the sands form stone over time, and as that stone in due course is ground back into fine shards of the sand which once formed it, this piece speaks, ultimately, of eternity. It is the truth and beauty of the ages.

Carol Knepper
Retired Educator, Writer, Humans Rights Advocate
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada

The Stone Visions
Copyright by Richard Doiron 2007
Photograph by Richard Doiron

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The Stone Visions
Cover Artwork by Pauline Léger

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