Testimonials For Richard Doiron And His Poetry

"Such truths and such a way of expressing them! Richard Doiron's mind is a waterfall of pure, clear poetic thoughts. I just cannot fathom how someone is able to put thoughts into such precise order and pen such poignant truths. This man does with words what an artist does with stroke of brush. He is a Master.

In Richard Doiron's work there is a definite feel of the ancient writings of mystics. How is it more of the world does not know of him?"

Carol Desjarlais, Eagle Woman, poet, author
Maine, U.S.A.

"Richard Doiron is a wonderfully prolific poet. His writing is profound. He is a compassionate man, an intellectual human and a most highly gifted writer. He is also a friend and it is my honour to claim him as such."

Wanda Lea Brayton,
author of "Swanee Sighs"
Oklahoma, U.S.A.

"Richard Doiron is a poet who touches the mind and heart on several levels. His spiritual outlook on things and his mastery of structured poetry, especially the sonnet, are exciting and fresh. His passions are always clear in his work. He writes about the magic of children, the power of universal love, morality and the importance of preserving the planet that already has suffered because of our carelessness. His poetry on peace is illuminating He has been broadly recognized for his work, some of his pieces featured at world events, and he has published many of these gems as well. It is a pleasure and a privilege to read his words. Reading the work of Richard Doiron is to read one of the most exciting poets you will have the pleasure of reading."

Beatrix Grib
South Africa

"Richard Doiron writes about life - its puzzles, perplexities and possibilities - and profoundly, in the depths."

Dr. Eldon Hay
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

"As a sculptor takes a piece of clay and fashions it into a thing of beauty, so does Richard Doiron create things of beauty with words. This is his gift, a gift not squandered on this prolific writer - he uses it during his every waking moment.

Richard Doiron's words come from the heart...the best gifts meant to be shared, and this is what he does; he shares his gift for words and, in so doing, he shares himself.  His words are nothing less than a journey through the human heart."

James Foster
Editor at large, the Times & Transcript
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

"Poet and philosopher Richard Doiron has created a legacy in the form of his abundant works which touch and soothe the spirit of the reader.  His writings express important messages about life, love and humanity in an uncomplicated yet eloquent manner. His inspirational and thought provoking poetry reminds the reader of master and mystic poets of long ago.  His poetry is contemporary, energetic and possesses the enlightenment of a spirit that has awareness beyond everyday experiences.  His sonnets impress a splendor in their language that rise to heights of excellence rarely matched today."

Marianne Zirkle
Poet and Women’s Advocate
Pleasant Prairie, WI USA

"It has been my privilege to partake of Richard Doiron’s work for some seven years now.  The depth, sincerity, energy and wisdom in his writing evokes the poetry of the soul the passion never ending!"

Ann Taylor, poet-artist
Morristown, Tenn., U.S.A.

"Quite some time ago now, I had the distinct honour of encountering Richard Doiron, a poet of note whose work has been published alongside that of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. We discovered that we shared many common views of the world.

Richard's work never ceases to amaze me. He is quite possibly one of the most prolific poets ever, and the quality of his work is on a level rarely achieved in the world of poetry. With his mastery of the language, he can enlighten, touch, inspire, and give the reader pause for thought. He can deal with the subjects of love, peace, spirituality, and philosophy using impeccable meter and rhyme. Regardless of the format chosen, his messages are always conveyed in a manner that is unique, fresh, and innovative.

It is my distinct privilege to have the opportunity to share this website with him."

Carol Knepper, poet, retired teacher, and peace advocate
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada

"It is always one of the most important duties in one's life to be able to express oneself in proper context, and at the same time know to apply wisdom and sensibility to one's opinion.

If I die tomorrow, I will have been a better man, because I will have known Richard Doiron and his little world, not as well as I would like to, even after a number of years, but well enough still to know what a gem it is he represents.

Richard encompasses true compassion and conscience, and takes the time and effort to not compromise anything and to be concise and crystal clear in what he conveys, at times being quite humorous in his quiet and unassuming ways.

I am honored to be a part of his circle, and have yet to grasp the very essence of being someone welcomed in that circle."

Luc Majno, poet-photographer-musician
Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada

"Richard Doiron has mastered the English language. His poetry is a superior form of expression. Such is the beauty of his mind."

Danielle Gibbs, poet
New Orleans, La.,U.S.A.

I've long admired the mystical quality of Richard Doiron's poetry and words as they continue to bubble up from the infinite depths of creativity to flow and sparkle unbidden from his sacred pen - or keyboard.  In the words of Maya Angelou:  "You cannot use up creativity.  The more you use the more you have."  Richard not only has an inborn flair for words and abundant creativity but a deep love for what written words convey: love, desire, compassion, awareness, friendship, as well as justifiable indignation.  His words, whether in poetry or in prose, speak profoundly from the fount of wisdom that is the human heart.

Carmel Higgins, author of Cosmic Fire/Local Sparks
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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