Spirituality Poems Volume One
by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyAs humans we are possessed of many natures, noted among them mind, body, and spirit. Spiritual poetry must speak to the soul. In my very expansive collection of original poems, using diverse forms, among them sonnets, free verse and prose, it is my endeavour to be a positive force, offering the reader spiritual food for thought.

Overall, my writing is of a spiritual nature. In this series, my poems often are prayers. Already acclaimed in many a forum, the work is inspirational, motivational, and it offers hope. I promote no particular religion above another. It is my desire to assist seekers and to offer comfort and peace of mind. I see my writing as a gift of the Spirit. Gifts, to me, are made for sharing. Here I am. Here are my gifts. It is my distinct privilege to share them with you.

Three of Richard Doiron's Spirituality Poems
Personal Prayer
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Richard Vallance
Eden Resurrected
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by Richard Vallance
Eagle Spirit

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In this collection of thirty spiritual poems, I feel that I speak from my soul as well as from my mind and heart. I include some prayers, which I consider to be universal in content.

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