Richard Doiron's Philosophical Poetry

Richard Doiron's Biography"My peers have long referred to me as a philosopher. Philosophy, as I see it, is an endless pursuit. It seeks to unravel truths, bare the mysteries, and propose new ways of pursuing endeavours.

In my voluminous body of original works, I can easily access thousands of poems which deal with social issues, justice, freedom, the natural element, and the humanities. I often hear words such as inspirational and motivational relative to my writing. This would be a good thing, though my aim has never been to be right but to stimulate further thinking in others.

Consultation resolves issues. Thinkers, obviously, do a lot of reasoning. Introspection is a searching after self-knowledge. Lest we know our own selves, knowing others may well be an elusive proposition. I wish to know all I can to make my world a better place.

According to Plato, "Philosophy is the highest music." What a thought! What ramifications! Collectively, a meeting of the minds could be seen as the Ultimate Orchestration. And why not? As Descartes stated, "I think; therefore I am." And that's the thing: here we are, and there we are!"

Three of Richard Doiron's Philosophical Poems
Rise of The Lesser God
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Richard Vallance
Ablative Bars
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by Richard Vallance
What Tomorrow Brings
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by Richard Vallance

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In this collection of thirty philosophical poems, I bring to the fore a variety of issues, topics and themes as they might pertain to the human condition.

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