Original Peace Poems by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyIf I have one dream in life it is that peace will be realized. Peace, to me, implies justice, harmony, freedom, tolerance and equity. In this series of original poetry, I strive to create a positive, peaceful response in the reader. In this work you will find a variety of poetic forms, from sonnets, free verse, to prose poems.

Peace can be achieved. It starts with the self and works out into the broader world. World peace is more than utopian aspiration it is our responsibility, and surely our heritage. But no one can do it all by themselves. Cooperation is key, and consultation a must. Won't you join me that we may all live out at least part of the dream?

"It was most gratifying to have my poem, "The Talking Circle" put on display at the Vancouver Public Library, as one of fifty-one poems selected from various parts of the globe, in the World Poetry Fifth Anniversary Celebration. The Celebration was set to run through the month of February 2006."

Three of Richard Doiron's Peace Poems
The Battlefield
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by Luc Majno
My Living Dream
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Luc Majno
Contentious Calls
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by Richard Vallance

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Photograph by Richard Vallance

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In this thirty poem collection, my aim is to gently remind people that peace has its workable solutions.

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