Love Poems by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyMy series of love poems speaks of love not only from a romantic perspective. The work is original, much of it exclusive to this site. Rife with passion, the poems are inspirational, sensual, more often than not imbued with a spiritual touch also. The work is of a most positive nature.

I have always been inspired by the female gender. Using a variety of poetic forms, including sonnets and free verse, my love poems have been well received in the past, some placing in international competitions. Love makes the world go round, and love poems are, to me, gentle reminders of that super special reality.

Three of Richard Doiron's Love Poems
My World Of You
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by Richard Vallance
Love's Eternal Seal
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by Richard Vallance
Forever's Now On Hold
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by Luc Majno

Love Poems

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Love collection
Photograph by Richard Vallance

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This thirty poem collection on love speaks from my heart, love truly being an endless source of inspiration.

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