A Crowning Glory Novel by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyOver the past few years, Richard Doiron and I have undertaken the joint mission of developing our website Spirits In Peace and publishing our poetry and prose. Richard’s body of work is both tremendous and varied, and to collaborate with him on the vast project of bringing it to the world is a pleasure and a privilege.

Richard Doiron’s voice in the world of literature is one to be reckoned with, and the power of his words is readily evident in A Crowning Glory, a remarkable novel which most effectively showcases his many abilities as a writer. It is one of those rare books that grips the reader from the very first page and never lets go, maintaining a level of interest that marks it as a truly captivating literary masterpiece.

Richard Doiron is a superb story-teller who can not only weave a plot that keeps the reader fascinated, but can also create characters that spring to life and dialogue that virtually leaps off the page. The main character, Charlie Casey, is such a likable young man that even the reader with a limited knowledge of the sport of boxing will find him- or herself cheering. In Gussie MacLean, Charlie’s trainer, whose brilliantly rendered speech fairly crackles with dialect and colloquialism, Richard has created a unique and colourful personality with universal appeal. His uncanny knack for creating settings as vivid as snapshots is another of the qualities that make this book a stand-out.

A Crowning Glory is truly a novel that will be enjoyed by anyone who has a love of sport and an admiration for the hard work and determination that go into success in any field. And Richard Doiron, the embodiment of those attributes in the field of literature, is an author whose work will stand the test of time.

Carol Knepper
Author of Clean And Simple Stones

A Crowning Glory
Copyright by Richard Doiron 2006-07

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