Let There Be Peace by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyThis is Richard Doiron's eighteenth book, his fourteenth in poetry. It was launched in Richmond, B.C., on May 25, 2012, in conjunction with the 2nd Annual World Poetry International Peace Festival, at which time Richard received the World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award for 2012. That Award was the culmination of fifty years of writing poetry. The book is 92 pages in length and contains 79 poems related to peace as an ideal. It is a book which brings into focus what causes distress in our world, including extreme poverty, to the prerequisites to peace.

History's most prolific poet, Richard Doiron's themes continue to be peace, love, the natural world and spirituality. In his writing, Richard connects all of the above as being essential to peace. The writing is concise and clear, speaking to the reader in direct fashion. One cannot read this poetry and remain indifferent. In the end, this book is a call to action, if that call is given respectfully, insightfully, but categorically.

Let There Be Peace also shows the versatility of this writer, employing a host of poetic forms and devices in delivering his message, one he truly believes has merit and the potential to be achieved.

Let There Be Peace by Richard Doiron

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