In The Spirit of Gibran by Richard Doiron

Richard Doiron's BiographyHaunting and inspired, “The Spirit of Gibran” lifts the heart of the reader to the heights of Love in its purest form. A poet and philosopher, Richard Doiron, has tapped into the Soul of the Master himself, using a beautiful and eloquent style to convey profound truths about humanity, life and love.

A timeless wisdom is reflected within the words and echoes effortlessly in intervals between the words. His characters bring parables to life as their humanity and yearnings mirror the immemorial quest of the soul that is often missing in this era’s hectic schedules.

“The Spirit of Gibran” softly merges the eternal longings for self-knowledge and love with the mystic appeal of spirituality.

Marianne Zirkle
Women’s Advocate and Poet
Kenosha, WI, U.S. A.

Copyright by Richard Doiron 2006-07
Photograph by Richard Vallance

The Spirit of Gibran Collection
Photograph by Luc Majno

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