In The Spirit of Gibran by Richard Doiron
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Richard Doiron's BiographyRichard Doiron's new print version of  "In The Spirit Of Gibran" is now available online through As opposed to the original e-book version, still on-site at Spiritsinpeace, this new version contains an additional forty-three poems and prose pieces. It has a new cover, front and back, and contains two additional blurbs.


You can get your copy here:

In The Spirti of Gibran In The Spirit of Gibran

In The Spirit Of Gibran is the most truly prophetic piece of literature that I have ever encountered. Writing with the wisdom of the mystic, Richard Doiron delves into the essence of life, love, and the art of writing itself. In this remarkable collection of poetry and prose, he speaks in an eloquently beautiful language that not only engages and delights the reader, but creates an unforgettable emotional experience.

Using a variety of formats and touching on various topics, Richard Doiron peers into Sacred Mystery with clarity and passion. Through intriguing characters and insightful dialogue, truth is revealed at a gently weaving pace reminiscent of that of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.

Behind these poems and parables is the unmistakable spirituality of Richard Doiron, an author whose works will stand the test of time. As you read In The Spirit Of Gibran, you will be deeply and permanently affected by the lyrical and serene quality of his words and the profoundly visionary insights contained therein.

Carol Knepper

Author Of Clean And Simple Stone

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