"Blind Man's Bluff, the Lyle Hogan Story"
A biography, authored by Richard Doiron

Inspirational biography!

"Blind Man's Bluff, the Lyle Hogan Story" is the true story of a courageous and industrious man, a man born suffering from the degenerative illness known as retinitis pigmentosa. It is an inspiring story, bound to touch the heart and soul of the reader.

Writer Richard Doiron, who spent six months writing this book, gives the reader a close-up look at a man who was born legally blind, by definition, yet through pride and sheer determination managed to take his place in society, on his own terms, while also becoming financially independent. It is a story of tenacity, one which cannot help but motivate other people.

Developing coping mechanisms as he went along, Lyle Hogan literally bluffed his way through life. But, for doing this, there was a price to pay. Overcompensating for his limitations with sight, Mr. Hogan pushed himself to the breaking point. But, even in recovery, he showed himself to be a champion. Today, he has achieved a certain freedom in the telling of his life story. In his own words, living in denial was tantamount to living a lie. With this book, "Blind Man's Bluff," Lyle Hogan has, in so many ways, set
himself free.

Read Lyle's book. It will inspire you. The author, Richard Doiron both laughed and cried while writing it. Meanwhile, he considers his life vastly enriched for having met Lyle Hogan and for having had to look at his own life and limitations.

Printed in "reader-friendly" script, this book, of some 280 pages, will be a welcome addition to any library and also make an excellent gift to share with others.

The book may be purchased through:

Hogan Enterprises
356 St. Geroge St.
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
E1C 1X2
Telephone: (506) 389-9998

Blind Man's Bluff    Blind Man's Bluff

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