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Guéganne Doucet, Artist-Painter-Sculptor

Guéganne Doucet, Artist-Painter-SculptorBiography: This Canadian-born Internationally renowned artist has a double heritage of two first nations in Canada, Mi`kmaq and Acadian. Over the course of her career, her work has evolved from realistic to figurative realist forms and geometric abstraction. She divides her work into three aspects: representation, interpertation, and dimension. In all phases of her work, but particularly with the expressionism, she explores themes inspired by the rich art of the Mi`kmaq. She developed her realist abstract images in the depths of four-dimensioned space, evoking the continuous, cyclical sensory worlds of our experiences, past, present, and future. Her works shift and change continually and the ephemeral patterns subdivide and form again on other planes, revealing new realms of our subconscious. Her paintings play colour, time and space in musical harmony. Using colours and planes, she creates chromatic substances and surreal forms to activate and reactivate matter in order to pursue energy and fire through her use of successive, changing contrasts. She views art as vital to human nature's struggle to understand all dimensions of the universe, and hopes her works open the mysterious recesses of our memories and intuitions to our conscious perceptions.

One of the most highly decorated artists in Canadian history, Guéganne Doucet was born in the fishing village of Escuminac, on New Brunswick's North Shore. She has a private studio in Shediac, New Brunswick.

Please view more on this extraordinary and most prolific artist at the following sites:

Luc Majno is a photographer/cameraman/musician living in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada, who places much emphasis on personal responsibility in making this world of ours a bette, such as: Canadian Zen Haiku canadien, Eclectic Muse, The Future Looks Bright (anthology), Möbius, Neovictorian/Cochlea (Madison, Wisc.), Poetry Canada, Poemata (CPA) and Sonnetto Poesia. You can find a partial list of his credits here:

Carol Desjarlais"Carol Desjarlais is a teacher who retrieves troubled youth, a counselor, a woman of Native American heritage, a soul seeker, the mother of seven and a sister of the earth.

Carol writes for no other reason than to express how the world has affected, and affects, her. She has always been a writer. Her soul has had need of expression.

The road of life is fraught with incidents of awe. That she might share her reactions to these moments with others is an honor she holds sacred."

Carol Desjarlais is the author of a most remarkable memoir, entitled, Shhhhhh: A Creation Story. This is not only a life story, but a book that positively sings with spiritual growth, the narrative much enhanced by the frequent addition of the author's powerful and commanding poetry.

It can be purchased at the following link:

Shhhhhh: A Creation Story

Read more about Carol Desjarlais

Patricia Guylas is a world-class artist, whose creations are simply stunning. Patricia has done many showings in France, the U.S.A. and Canada. Check out her site and her artworks at:

Munir Mezyed -  Endymion's Poetry Portal

Some writers stand apart from the everyday. Here is a case in point. This site proudly offers up the person, and work, of Munir Mezyed.

Munir Mezyed is a Jordanian writer originally from Palestine, he has written and published his poetry in different magazines and newspapers in the Middle East.

Besides poetry, he also writes short stories, plays and novels.

He works as a free lance translator. And Muniz has organized
the largest literary festival in the Middle East.

Visit Munir Mezyed's site at:

Seeking GraceSeeking Grace: A Journey through Grief, Healing and Loss ... (Eagle Wings Press),
Margaret Patricia Eaton’s first book of poetry, reflects her journey through a year of loss and her attempt to find her way back to wholeness through a series of narrative and reflective poems, which examine the mother-daughter relationship and the interconnectedness of four generations of women.

Reviews for Seeking Grace

“It is hard to believe that Margaret Eaton’s Seeking Grace is a first book.  The images and insights are as polished as pebbles long spinning in a creative vortex. Margaret is a writer who has mastered her art, presented us with an endearing appreciation of family and the flow of lives, the breath of being, ‘all are one.’ In perfecting Seeking Grace she has also hugely entertained us.”
Katherine L Gordon
Rockwood, Ontario

“Margaret has turned her grief into some very engaging poetry that immediately catches the reader up into the life experiences and special wisdom of a remarkable woman, indeed of two remarkable women, for the book is as much about Margaret as it is about her is full of reflective insight into the relationship between life and death and between death and life.”
Prof. (ret) Eugene Goodrich
Sackville, NB

“Tragedies and sorrows are an inevitable segment of life in all its rich fullness and therefore Seeking Grace is an inspiring expression of a universally applicable amelioration in the face of crushing burdens – a reality that is as irrefutable to every rational mind as it is instructive and edifying.  The reader is constantly reminded that no man is an island. We are deeply involved in society and community and are diminished by the passing of a mentor, friend, lover or relative.  As a work of art, the poems elevate the senses to subliminal heights of profound passion, for are we not all connected in the endless chain of humanity’s perpetuity from the dawn of civilization?”
Philip John
Shediac Cape, NB

Available from:
Eagle Wings Press
22 Westmount Blvd., Suite 209
Moncton, NB E1E 4M9


To order please make cheque payable to Margaret Eaton.

Zayra Yves

Crowned Compassion is a celebration of love by the poet Zayra Yves, who takes the listener on a soulful ride, a cosmic sojourn through time and space, embracing the spiritual as well as the provincial, exploring the textures of emotion by showing us the truth of reality, as well as the sultry passions.

Zayra’s beautiful and mesmerizing voice is accompanied by the musical compositions of two talented and gifted blues and jazz musicians: Allen Ross and Mike Thomas. The string instruments were created by Mike Thomas of Zamar Instruments.

The track ”Free Us From the Claws of Cruelty” was written for and dedicated to the people of Zimbabwe, who have endured the extreme hardships of genocide and starvation. A portion of the proceeds from this CD go to the Seeds of Light organization ( to benefit the children living in South Africa.

There are eight pages of serene photographs from an outdoor garden shot by Zayra Yves, as well as the lyrics to all of the poety enclosed in the jewel case of Crowned Compassion. It is a poetry book, an artistic feast, a sensual sojourn and a musical journey combined in one collection.

Zayra Yves grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1970's, listening to the Beat Poets at City Lights and evangelical preachers on Sundays. She has traveled extensively on pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world and continues to find new ways of expressing her art.

Her poetry has appeared in various magazines and journals, such as Zimbabwe Situation, The Panhandler Quarterly, Eyes of the Poet, IITM, and very soon in the Astropoetic and Alehouse Press. She has been interviewed and performed her work on two radio shows: SW Radio Africa (appearing on this CD) and West Marin Community Radio for The House of the Poet.

Zayra offers her love and gratitude to her many friends who supported her during this project. Crowned Compassion is dedicated to the memory of Michael Luke English.

It is a distinct privilege to add the wonderful poet and artist Zayra Yves to our links pages. Please find more on this extraordinary woman at

Zayra YvesZayra Yves has a new book of poetry, titled "As Empty As Nirvana."Richard Doiron had the privilege of writing one of the blurbs on the back of this book. In his opinion, as in that of countless others, Zayra Yves is a modern-day mystic and wonder. One but needs to read one of her poems or hear her read once to grasp the meaning of the statement.

To purchase Zayra's new book, else to read some of her work, please go to:

Marianne ZirkleCool Shade And Sweet Water: Marianne Zirkle

Marianne Zirkle was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. In short order, she recognized that stress played a role in her wellness. More than a bit surprised to discover that there was no cure for MS, she strives daily to keep a healthy balance in her life.

Finding that alleviating anxiety and negative emotions is intricate in maintaining wellness for those living with Multiple Sclerosis, Marianne opened her heart to its true nature – writing.

Over the years, she has found that helping others to overcome their wounded and shattered lives and search for peace opened her heart to the possibilities within herself.

Her poetic style is free verse, allowing her thoughts to flow unrestricted. With the use of appealing words and ethereal imagery, in “Cool Shade And Sweet Water,” her first print book of poetry, she endeavors to capture the essence of being.

Having worked at “Women and Children’s Horizons,” in her hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin, for eleven years, Marianne currently works at the Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center, a state prison for women in Union Grove. There, she helps prepare the women to reintegrate into their communities and develop the skills necessary to lead healthy and self-sufficient lives.

Her work strongly emphasizes emotional health with an unwavering emphasis on Love, Compassion, and Understanding as tools for personal growth and inner fulfillment. In the meantime, Marianne continues to be a most prolific writer of inspired and inspiring poetry.

Cool Shade And Sweet Water can be ordered through Barnes and Noble and is also available through and Barnes & Noble at:

Cool Shade And Sweet Water

Poetry Train

Poetry Train is a website for sharing text and video poetry. It features many Canadian poets as well as international ones. Richard Doiron and Carol Knepper are pleased to have been invited as members and to share a link with this group. -

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