Testimonials For Carol Knepper And Her Poetry

"Carol Knepper is not only a gifted poet but a gift to poetry itself. Her work is lyrical and it is her nature to write.

After three decades of teaching English literature, Carol has taken up writing as a full-time career. The world of
literature is enriched by this. Now able to dedicate her time and energies to doing what she would have long preferred doing, her repertoire of poems includes hundreds of love, peace, spiritual, and nature poems. Each one of her poems is a gem, polished to a fine literary gloss.

It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to work in conjunction with Carol Knepper, as we strive to bring our
common messages to the world. Our writing styles differ but we pursue the same ideals, ideals fueled by an inherent belief that peace is a possibility and that justice is a must.

I know of no one who gets such messages across in better fashion. The world needs to read Carol Knepper's work for its powerful content as well as for its aesthetic and intrinsic components. Literature is art and art could hardly be any finer - or more compelling - than this woman's work."

- Richard Doiron, poet
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

"Although I have not known Carol Knepper long, she adds a precious dimension to my life, and she has been able to thin the veils of injustices and griefs of this world for me in her writings.

Along with doing collaborative work with Carol, merging my photographs with her words, I can truly say that I am blessed to be in her circle, that of Peace.

With words that flow like water, Carol adds a woman's touch to such delicate world issues that most men would not even approach.

It is rare indeed to find people who can accept you as you are, and also take the time to gently help you navigate your vessel through life's difficulties as well as joys. My heartfelt thanks to Carol Knepper, then, for the invaluably enriching place she holds in my life."

Luc Majno, poet-photographer-musician
Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada

"The poetic themes of Carol Knepper’s abundant works include love, nature, humanity and spirituality, making her words enduring as a heartbeat.  Her creative intellect and unique style of communicating complex emotions speak directly to the hearts of the readers with profound feelings and stirring truths. 

Her work stands alone and above when compared to any mainstream poet’s work like a shining beacon for living an authentic life."

Marianne Zirkle
Poet and Women’s Advocate
Pleasant Prairie, WI   USA

 "I have spent the greater part of this year being the recipient of soul gifts from Carol Knepper, New Brunswick poet.  Recently, I received a  poem evolved from a piece of writing I had done.  This was more than a mere sharing of poetry.  This was her dip into the depths of who I am.  For this, I return her gift of singing psalms.

Carol’s ability to transform nature into observations of human nature, is keen.  She writes of how “gardener’s bones tell the story of my love of nature to the balmy breeze.” (To the Balmy Breeze, June 2006) and this, perhaps, defines the stance she takes in the world where she, herself is a gardener of blossoming words and phrases. 

One of my favorite poems of hers is In Vibrant Harmony where she fills the poem with

Phrase petals of extraordinary evocative descriptions.

            "..crabtrees reach...

            …blossoms dapple…

            …luscious note..

            …enchanting on the evening breeze…

            …chartreuse exclamations…

            ...colors of Creator…"

The poem simply vibrates with the very harmony she speaks of.

In another poem, We Are The Beauty, she speaks to the soul’s oneness with nature.

And how human beings are the autumn leaves, the fragrance, the rainbow, the surging sea and placid lake.  She opens up and allows her readers to see what is in her soul.  It is peace and oneness that resides in her very bones.

She is a nature poet that uses nature to speak to the nature of man.  She uses her keen observation and time spent in the Garden of Life to express life and all that surrounds her with childlike, pure, wonder and faith.

Lessons of the Feeder shows this keen observation through poignant phrases where the feathered friends “squawk and bicker” over seed until they have each had their fill and peace in the garden is returned.  Her affection for nature and its inhabitants is evident in every write.  The desire for peace resonates, poem after poem, until we are convinced to be gentler towards all beings in the garden. 

Carol Knepper knows, without a doubt, that we all have an indisputable place in this Garden.  Her gentle persuasion as she interprets her devotion to Creator, Man and Nature is evident in all her writing.  I am honored to be a recipient of her wise words and know they ripple out into the Universe like the song of a beautiful bird."

© Carol Desjarlais

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