Nature Poems by Carol Knepper

Carol Knepper's Love PoemsMuch of the inspiration for my original nature poems is drawn from the breath-taking beauty of the Canadian landscape and the changing seasons. The trees, forests, skies, and living things all provide ample material for my Muse. My concern for this earth and the environment is sometimes reflected in this collection.

The poems in my nature collection are primarily free verse, which for me flows as naturally as the rivers and the wind of which I write.

Three of Carol Knepper's Nature Poems
Lessons of the Seasons
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Richard Vallance
Cloak Me In Vermilion
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by Richard Vallance
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Richard Vallance
Nature Collection
Copyright by Carol Knepper 2006-07
Photograph by Carol Knepper

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"This collection of thirty nature poems speaks of the wonder of the seasons and the sanctity of all creation."

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