My World Of Etherées
by Carol Knepper

My World of EthereesFor a number of years, now, I have witnessed a most remarkable phenomenon, the evolution of a poet and her work.

Carol Knepper is the poet in question. And to prove that her first book of poetry, "Clean and Simple Stones" (2007), was not a fluke, she now dazzles the world of literature with her new book, "My World Of Etherées."

As Carol notes in her introduction to this book, the etherée is a relatively new form, but it is a popular and most challenging form to master.

Not only are her poems timely, thematic, and rife with invigorating social commentary, but they are also aesthetic gems.

Executed with the precision of a figure skater doing a triple-toe loop, Carol offers the reader a veritable sensual feast as she delves into this most captivating of forms – and delivers!

No one does this genre with more finesse, appealing to the senses, stirring the imagination, and feeding the soul.

Never be fooled by the quiet, unassuming demeanour of this poet. Embodied therein is an artist who is both genuine and of the genius variety. And, having read all of these poems, from their very date of creation, as well as having seen the evolution of the poet herself, what else could I possibly ever say but bravo! and encore!

 - Richard Doiron

My World of Etherées can be purchased through Lulu Publishing at the following link:

Time and Space: A Quadruple Etherée

goes on
in its way
even when we
feel that it pauses
for we are tiny specks
in this wondrous universe
yet in self-conceit we believe
that the planets revolve around us
though it may be comforting to perceive
the minor scope of our human struggles
that so occupy our days and nights
since indeed each little problem
is naught but a speck of dust
when placed in perspective
hence helping us view
problems as less
in this
we must
always see
the vast nature
of all time and space
and not inflate ourselves
to the point that our issues
become overwhelming in range
but ever bear in mind the knowledge
that we are merely motes of blowing dust
which is not meant to discount the impact
that our presence may have on others
but merely to view our problems
with such calming perspective
since all issues will pale
when we survey them
seeing our place
in terms of
time and

© Carol Knepper 2008

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