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Carol Knepper's BiographyI am primarily a free verse poet, with a lyrical style; I, however, do use the occasional poetic form, such as the ethere and rictameter. My work includes love poetry, spiritual poems, poetry inspired by nature and the seasons, and humanitarian poetry. Much of my imagery is drawn from nature, which never ceases to fill me with awe.

I am first and foremost an advocate of human rights, peace, equality, and respectful treatment of this earth. I believe that if issues are approached with open-minded discussion, we can resolve many of the matters which plague society today. I also believe that each of us, in our own way, can make this world a better place.

It is my hope that you will find my work, which is exclusive to this site, to be and motivational and inspirational.

You can learn more about who I am on my Carol Knepper bio page.
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