Humanitarian Poetry by Carol Knepper

Carol Knepper's BiographyMy humanitarian poetry is an original and exclusive collection dealing with the themes of freedom and social issues. I write a great deal about intolerance, discrimination, poverty, and global hunger.

Social justice and peace are topics that matters deeply to me. It is my hope that is some small way, each of us can leave this world a better place for our having walked gently on this earth and among its inhabitants.


Three of Carol Knepper's Humanitarian Poems
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by Luc Majno
The Seeds Of Peace
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by Richard Vallance
Into The Wind
Carol Knepper's Humanitarian Collection of poems
Copyright by Carol Knepper 2006-07
Photograph by Luc Majno

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"My collection of thirty humanitarian poems expresses my belief  that we can all make a difference by living a life of peace, goodwill, and acceptance on a daily basis."

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