Colours by Carol Knepper

Carol Knepper's BiographyCarol Knepper paints word pictures with her pen as effectively as the most adept and adroit of painters might paint pictures with the use of their brushes.

This poet is both inspired and technically-sound in her writing. Poems come to Carol like lightning bolts. They are, for the most part, spontaneous affairs, and it is all she can do to keep up with the torrent of words that flood and reveal themselves to her.

Carol Knepper is gifted, in the truest sense of the word, her takes on nature truly showcasing her for the natural talent she wields.

"Colours" is a collection of original poems that give the reader but a minute glimpse into the mind and spirit of this person. That said, even in its brevity, that glimpse allows the reader to grasp, in no small portion, the Power at work behind the endeavour.

Carol Knepper, a retired English teacher, in taking up her "second" career, as writer, presents the world with as much wonder in baring her very soul as she does with her most descriptive of words.

To read Carol Knepper's work is to be both blessed and left hungering for more.

As someone who has seen Carol penning her poems in the manner that she does, rather entranced and with seeming effortlessness, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the Spirit at work in her affairs. So this I acknowledge, concluding that, in the end, we might all aspire to such lofty promptings.

Richard Doiron

Copyright by Carol Knepper 2006-07
Photograph by Luc Majno

Fair Chloe
Cover Photograph
by Richard Vallance

Colours by Carol Knepper
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