My Ink Exposed
by Carol Knepper

Carol Knepper's My Ink Exposed

"My Ink Exposed," Carol Knepper's third book of poetry, is an absolute gem.

This body of work is reflective of the poet as observer and chronicler. The poetry is poignant, touching very strongly on contemporary issues, as they pertain to nature, spirituality, justice, peace, integrity, and love.

The channels are wide open and the poet shows clear and unequivocal intent.

A former English teacher, Knepper's use of language is uniformly adroit. The poems, rich with alliteration, inner rhyme, and rife with social commentary, rightly sing off the pages of this book. To read this compilation is to be moved. It is also to be drawn, in rare fashion, into the mechanics, aesthetics, and principled precincts of the pen itself.

To delve into this work is to embark on a most memorable and commendable literary journey.

-Richard Doiron, author of StraightWalk and In The Spirit Of Gibran.

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