Beginning At Home by Carol Knepper

Carol Knepper's BiographyCarol Knepper is first and foremost a teacher. Now, into her second career, that of poet, she continues in her teaching ways. Her poetry resounds with keen observations, wisdom and everyday lessons. Many of these lessons come from her observations of the natural elements, while still others are readily traced to her active years in her former field of endeavour, namely that of the classroom.

A peace advocate, Carol also promotes the caretaking of our beloved planet, her words inducing the reader to recognize the interconnectedness to all things, along with the fragility of our precious eco-systems. While her approach is low-key, her remonstrations are not to be denied. And this applies to the injustices she is made a witness to with abundant regularity.

Her opening poem, "Mothers, Take Your Daughters" is a firm plea for the females of the world to take on legitimate positions – and actions – in the greater scheme of things. And this necessarily invokes the premise that mothers, as primary teachers, need to assume such responsibilities as warrants their mandates as leaders, at every level and in every aspect of communal living.

Her closing poem, "Breaking The Barriers" offers a visionary view of what it is to be one with the world. It is a plea for balance and justice and, in the end, consistent with the rest of the book, it speaks of strength in numbers and weakness is separation. Hers is both a spiritual and scholarly journey. And fortunate, indeed, are those who embark upon this journey, sharing her vision.

A highly skilled and graceful writer and orator, Carol Knepper’s work resounds with authenticity, clarity, and integrity while the rhythm of the work itself is replete with a musicality possessed by a precious few.

Richard Doiron

Copyright by Carol Knepper 2007
Photograph by Luc Majno

Carol Knepper's Humanitarian Collection of poems
Copyright by Carol Knepper 2007
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by Richard Vallance

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