The Original and Exclusive Poetry of Carol Desjarlais

CarolWe would like you to view the original poetry of Carol Desjarlais, a Cree poet from Maine. Her work is completely fresh, with powerful imagery, often drawn from nature. Her themes are varied, but her writing is always uniquely exclusive to her pen: there is none other like her. But regardless of topic or theme, she is always acutely aware of the natural environment in which we live, and is a truly humanitarian writer, whose Native American heritage adds its distinct colour to her work. Her love for this earth and its inhabitants shines through in every piece.

This woman's highly inspirational poems are no mere pretty pennings; they are the products of her soul. They speak of the sanctity of this world in which we live, of the Sacred Spirit in all things; they convince, provoke, enlighten, soothe, and probe to the very depths of what it is to be a human being. Her repertoire is vast and, regardless of topic, is spiritual poetry of the highest order.

Carol can write with equal honesty and authenticity of the pain and wonder of motherhood, the breeze wafting through a stand of pines, a sacred spot she has created, or the varied facets of the human condition. She can condense an image into brilliantly succinct form. Each day, we receive writings from Carol, and they never cease to amaze and inspire, as no two are ever alike.

Those who read her words will undoubtedly find themselves drawn into the work - and world - of this highly talented literary artist. Readers will find their souls stirred and probed as never before. Carol Desjarlais is a force of nature, a Teacher of the highest order, and the power of her poetry will astound not only on first perusal, but on an on-going basis.

You can view Carol's work at

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